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Music Videos

All through Grace's musical career, she has produced a number of music videos for her songs. In fact, two compilaton videos were made in the 80's [A One Man Show + State of Grace]. Usually John Paul Goude would direct her videos, that always were visually stunning! Below, is a list of the music videos I have [limited at the moment], and I know were made. It is unfortunate that Grace's videos are rarely shown in the UK, also "State of Grace" was never released in the UK.

La Vie En Rose
Grace's first hit has her singing in a disco dress infront of the cover of "Island Life".

Love Is The Drug
No live Grace footage, just lots of images of her with psychodelic colours in the background.

Pull Up To The Bumper
Grace's second smash hit. The video is from the "A One Man Show" performance with added lights and road footage.

Slave To The Rhythm
Grace doesnt even appear in this video! Apart from the front cover of the "Slave To The Rhythm" album, and the "Citroen" commercial she filmed in the 80's.

I'm Not Perfect [But I'm Perfect For You]
This rare video has cameo's from famous people, such as Andy Warhol, saying things like "Grace is Perfect!". Grace appears wearing a huge costume.

Love On Top Of Love

Grace lip-syncs to the song in water, aswell in a bed with some men.

Love Bites
Love Bites was never officially released, only on promo. Grace specially recorded it for the "Sci-Fi Channel" along with this video which sees her change costumes and wigs numerous times! The song itself is about vampires and features footage of "Vamp".