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15/08/01: Grace and son, ApolloGrace and son, ApolloGrace Jones attended the USA Premier for the new film, "Planet Of The Apes" accompanied by her son Apollo on the 23rd of July in New York.

01/06/01: GRACE AT CANNES! Grace Jones made a stunning apperance at this years Cannes Film Festival, dressed in her "star outfit". Click here for pictures!
GRACE IN ITALY On Friday, 11th May Grace gave a live concert in Pompei, Italy! Francesco was lucky enough to see it and give me this description: "The venue was an ancient Roman theatre (an open space), very suggestive... Grace arrived, carried by 4 'Roman Slaves' on a chariot. She was wearing the white Issey Miyake cap-vest in the shape of a star (the same she wore in other concerts). She opened with 'Slave To The Rhythm' then changed to perform 'La Vie en Rose' with a Philip Treacy hat (the violet one she had on the Ibiza concert) and the same jacket she wore at the last Philip Treacy fashion show in London. (The stage had the 'usual' black stair and she had two people on percussion and guitar and the backgrond singer). I was very surprised she sang 'La Vie en Rose' in a very high key... After that, she changed in the long black gown with the red border to perform 'Libertango'. Then she performed "My Jamaican Guy' sporting a 'dread locks' wig and other change of costume. Next was "Warm Leatherette" (with the guitar played with her microphone!). At the end of this she changed in the 'Iron Armour' costume, to sing "Pull Up To The Bumper" and went into the audience dancing... She went out again for an encore and sang 'Hurricane' saying that this was her new single out in September!!! She was in top form, physically and vocally, she was very slim and seemed to enjoy herself very much! At the end of the show she presented her band (amongst them her son!)."
GRACE AT "MOULIN ROUGE" PREMIER Grace was spotted in New York at the premier for the new Nicole Kidman film; "Moulin Rouge" in April, wearing a black satin suit, glasses and hat! Click here to see it! Apparantly its rumoured that the producer for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack is also the producer of Grace's new album!
NEW GRACE FILM Now finished filming, Grace's new film "Sideshow" will be released in the USA in Summer, Grace plays Christof/Christine one of the attractions of the freak-show that is the theme of the movie! Click here to see pictures of Grace in the film.

19/05/01: Grace Jones's birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! Come back in a few days for some exclusive updates!
24/02/01: Click for more pix!Grace Jones presented "I Love 1985", a BBC2 [UK] programme on the 24th February '01, looking back at meorable events in the year! Grace added her usual inimitable stye, wearing three outfits, along with six inch jeweled nails! At the beginning of the programme, there was even a ten minute biography of Grace, feauturing interviews with herself as well as Jean-Paul Goude.
01/01/01: [OFFICIAL GRACE NEWS] "Grace is working on her new album - in the studio now. She just filmed a movie in Romania called "Sideshow" directed by Thom Fitzgerald who directed Hanging Garden." Also, in the USA the new version of "Pull Up To The Bumper" is currently Number 4, on the Billboard Dance Chart! [+ sometime last November, Grace attended Giorgio Armani's new collection in New York. Click to see picture 1 and picture 2.]
19/10/00: As many expected, Grace was scheduled to present a prize at the MTV European Music Awards a few days ago, but at the last minute had to cancel because her NEW FILM shooting conflicted with the awards presentation! However, she will be presenting next year! Come back soon for more details of Grace's new film...
19/10/00: At the beginning of this week, Grace's new track "Pull Up To The Bumper 2000" was generaly released to the shops on CD, LP and cassette reaching Number ?? today on the official UK Chart. [Also, in the past few weeks, the record was released in most other European contries with great success especially in Germany where it went to No1!] Click here for more information on the record.
27/10/00: Great news this week, as the record mentioned below climbs 7 places to Number 11 in the UK Club Chart!
20/10/00: Grace Jones is back in the UK Charts with a remix of her classic "Pull Up To The Bumper". "PULL UP TO THE BUMPER - FUNKSTAR DE LUXE MIXES" was released on the 4/10/00 on vinyl LP to clubs and shops, and entered the Club Chart on Sunday at Number 18! The new remix done by Funkstar de Luxe can be heard on the files section on the mailing list! has chart info, while sells the record! Click here for more information on the record.
12/10/00: On Tuesday 26th September 2000, Grace was back on the Catwalk for Philip Treacy to participate in his London Fashion Week show. The current edition of the UK magazine "OK", has a stunning picture of Grace a top the limousine she climbed! Click here to see it! It also has this review: "Ever an original, master milliner chose a zebra-crossing in Old Bond Street as his catwalk. His models who included Grace Jones and Jodie Kidd arrived in style in an assortment of Limousines and vintage cars, and after parading up and down the crossing in Philip's dramatic new styles, strutted through the Tiffany store opposite."
06/10/00: Friday, [6th October] on UK TV, Channel 4 broadcasted the "Phoenix Legends" concert that Grace took part in on the 16th of September! Click here for more information and for TV pictures!
16/9/00:(!)NEW ALBUM / SINGLE NEWS(!) Grace gave an exclusive interview to the national UK newspapaer "The Independent" on Monday the 4th September revealing many new details about the new album and...THE NEW SINGLE FROM GRACE JONES : HURRICANE. Click here for the interview!
25/8/00:(!)NEW ALBUM NEWS(!) Grace has signed an exclusive deal with MCY of Germany who will be releasing her new album over the internet in late 2000! Also they say an official site is currently being worked on that will be finished when they have more material from Grace! See the page for more information.
25/8/00: 3 items of news this update: Grace performed on Sunday May 28th 2000 at Club 2K9 in Wahington DC, see the main page for a pic of the event. Also on the second of this month, Grace opened a new club in Memphis, Amnesia. And Grace is supposed to be in Ibiza on the 16th of September opening a club party, this time organised be AXE.
18/6/00: Grace Jones will be attending the Gay Pride festival in Rome, Italy, on July the 8th, performing along with such stars as Dana International and Geri Halliwell! See World Pride 2000 for more details! Thanks to Francesco for the news. Click here for pictures and information!
19/5/00: Today is Grace Jones' birthday! No-one knows for sure her actual birth year, but most people presume is 1952! Happy Birthday Grace!!
17/4/00: GRACE JONES TO HEADLINE MILLENNIUM FESTIVAL - Grace is going to be the headliner at the Millenium Gay Pride March in Washington D.C. on April 29, 2000. The Millennium Festival, a two-day fundraising event on Saturday and Sunday April 29-30, 2000, in conjunction with the Millennium Gay March in Washington for Equality has just announced that Grace Jones to headline on the Showtime Networks Millennium Stage. The festival will take place on Pennsylvania Avenue NW between 9th and 3rd Streets, from 11am to 7pm on Saturday and 11am-8pm on Sunday. The stage will be located on Pennsylvania Avenue at 4th Street. A $5 donation will be requested at the festival entrances. Jones will headline the tremendous eight-hour stage show on Saturday, April 29.
8/4/00: (!)EXCLUSIVE :: NEW SONG(!) Grace has just recorded a brand new song entitled "The Perfect Crime". Written and produced by a Danish team - "Floppy M". Presumably released on promo only at the moment, the song was produced in Belgium! It's truly Grace at her best again, smooth singing with the dominatrix edge - similar to Storm but much more upbeat! Perhaps this will be the new single, making way for her new album?! The song was specially recorded in February for a Scandinavian gameshow called "The Vault". Unfortunately Grace's songs is cut to pieces in the opeing credits!Come back soon for a sound clip! Jacob Duus
19/2/00: (!)EXCLUSIVE(!) Here is the first publicity photo of Grace in the new mini-series "Shaka Zulu - The Citadel" she has recently completed filming. This picture was in Greek magazine. akis be
19/2/00: Grace has signed a contract to sing the maint title theme for an upcoming Swedish TV series called "Valvet" [in Swedish], "The Vault" in English. It's supposed to be some sort of action contest and is going to be aired on Channel 3 this spring. The host for the show said that Grace was their first choice, and that the channel was thrilled that she had agreed to sing their lead motif!Thomas Okvist
19/2/00: Regaurding the concert below, Global Venture Partners [the organisers] did not advise when the next concert is scheduled, only that it has been postponed. Stay tuned for more information. M. Barron
22/1/00: (!)CONCERT(!) Last week Grace was supposed to make a guest appearance at the opening of a new South Beach [Miami] nightclub called G-Spot. She was suppposed to socialse with the crowd. Guests were sceduled to appear by invitation only; however, it seems fans could have been able to get in at the door at a cover price. Fans could call in advance at 305-673-5959. [NOTE - This information is a week late, as my computer broke for 1 week! Sorry for the delay!] However, Grace didnt show at all, and the night was a disaster! But something good did come out of the event! Details were given about a concert Grace will perform on February 12, 2000!! The location of the club has not yet been annouced and it won't be for another week or so. M. Barron
22/1/00: A small picture of Grace appears in "Vibe" [US] magazine in which she is seen lying on a bed with a black jacket, sunglasses growling at the camera, the caption reads "Female Blacula, Grace Jones, is ready for a nightly snack after her Halloween performance at the New York Service Center." -Vibe February 2000 edition. M. Barron
11/12/99: (!)MILLENIUM CONCERT(!) For the millenium, Grace will be holding a concert at the legendary New York cight-club "Studio 54". The following article appeared in the "New York Daily News" yesterday. Thanks to for the information!

"Studio 54 may be a distant memory to Lisa Minnelli, but that's where Grace Jones will be on New Year's Eve. The always-outrageous singer has signed a deal to perform at the hot spot in a show that will begin after the ball drops on the new millennium. It's part of a superhot party thrown by Ted Fields. It will be a sweet return for Jones to the '70s disco hothouse. She was the first performer to play the club, which opened in 1977. Fields has sent out more than 1,100 invitations to the party, which will feature 300 pounds of shrimp, 50 pounds of caviar and 2,400 bottles of Champagne, hand-picked by the party's caterer, Elizabeth Nottoli."
16/11/99: (!)NEW ALBUM NEWS(!) Yes, it's true, there is a new album to be released from Grace Jones! In January there will be a brand new single from Grace, and later will follow a totally new album roughly in mid 2000!! Grace has confirmed this herself, and given details away including guest artists on the album, like Puff Daddy, Tricky and Stevie Wnder! Check back soon for more details! See the FEATURES page for more information.
09/11/99: The current edition of "Esquire" [US] has a picture of Grace in a James Bond article.
25/10/99: The current edition [November 2nd] of "The National Enquirer" has a large picture of Grace in it towards the back. Click here to see it, but be warned, it isn't the most flattering photo!
16/10/99: A new book "Rock Fashion" by Josh Sims, has just been released by Omnibus. It features Grace numerous times with big pictures of her, aswell as a stunning front cover photo!
2/10/99: Around Monday the 11th of October, Lil' Kim will release her new album : "Notorious K.I.M.", which features a song with Grace called "Revolution", its a rap song beteween the two artists. Check back for lyrics!
2/10/99: Two artists have both expressed interest in working with Grace in the future, the first Salif Keita [who just recently worked with her!] said only if there was enough interest, here is his email: Salif Keita FAX :00 33 1 45 87 03 38. The other is the producer / mixer / vocalist of Lords of Acid.
22/09/99: (!)CONCERT NEWS(!) The Hard Rock Cafe concert that was supposed to be last weekend was cancelled due to huricane Floyed! No reschedule date has yet been given. Check back soon for more information!
12/09/99: Yesterday, Grace was on "The 100 Greatest TV Moments" on Channel 4 [UK]. Grace was at number 51, with her infamous Russell Harty beat'em'up chat show stint! Click here for pictures! Richard Whitely commented about the event saying that Harty annoyed Grace by turning his back on her more than once, giving her the impression he was bored with her.
21/08/99: Tonight "A View To A Kill" is shown on ITV [UK] again as part of the Bond season at 8:10 pm. Most TV guides have a picture of Grace in them!
04/08/99: (!)PRE-CONCERT NEWS(!) Grace is appearing live at the Hard Rock cafe on September the 18th in Orlando, Florida [USA]. Go to Ticket Master to buy tickets.
01/08/99: As was presumed, Grace was included in VH1's "100 Greatest Women of Rock". She was described as confrontational and "the shit" by producer Nile Rogers and "perfect" by Andy Warhol. In addition, they showed clips from Demolition Man (One Man Show), I need A Man (TV appearance!), I'm Not Perfect (video!) and the Citroen commercial she did in the 80's. Throughout the programme Grace commented on various artists that made the list, including the B-52's and others. Finally, Grace appeared to be sporting a Philip Treacy hat, a navy blue jacket and orange gloves, very stylish! Very Grace!
17/07/99: Grace has just been mentioned as being one of the top 100 Divas of Rock by VH1. For more information go to They also praise "Island Life" for its varied music types, [althogh they call "Pull Up To The Bumper" Pull up to the Empire??]. Plus "Slave To The Rhythm" is said to be up for one of the top 100 songs of all time!
17/07/99: The new album "Papa" by Kalif Seita,which features Grace on the song called "Tolon Wilile" (The Party is on), can now be bought from CDNOW.
04/07/99: (!)ATTENTION GRACE'S MANAGEMENT(!) Please would anyone from Grace's management team or someone who knows them or her, take the following into considertion. - A major hotel in Greece are very interested in booking Grace to perform as part of a large event they are holding on New year's eve, 1999. Please contact Tohoru Masamune on behalf of Burnt Down Productions.
22/06/99: Deals are imminent to athache actors Billy Zand and Grace Jones to the newly formed Lipman/Sachnoff Entertainment's theatre project - "A Celebration of the Lizard." Themed around the poetry of The Doors frontman Jim Morrison and the music and lyrics of the band, the play is planned for summer 2000 pre-Broadway at the San Diego Repertory Theatre. Singer/acress Jones' credits include BOOMERANG and the upcoming TV miniseries sequel to "Shaka Zulu." This means that Grace will be going to Broadway, if the trial run works out, possibly in Fall 2000!!
14/06/99: GRACE SIGHTING : Date 12th-13th of June. At Club Orbit in Los Angeles, [where she performed on April 24th] She wasn't performing this time, she was just sitting in the lounge area which is upstairs.
13/06/99: There is a strong rumour that Grace has begun filming a new mini series to the sequel to "Shaka Zulu" in Morocco. It is supposed to be released soon!
09/06/99: "7 Magazine,"an on-line magazine that used to be dedicated to Prince, has a fairly large article on Grace (she was their featured story last month). - Dustin Hunter
09/06/99: Sometime in March 99, Grace was in Monaco for a charity concert "Le Bal de La Rose". Karl Lagerfeld had organized the whole show. Grace had personified "The Woman of the Eignties" and she sang of course "La Vie en rose". The others stars on stage with her in front of Prince Rainier and the rest of Grimaldi family were : Shirley Bassey, Elle Macpherson, Gloria Gaynor, Helena Christensen, Marianne Faithfull, Naomi Campbell. And Grace asked for five (5!)kg of caviar in her room. - Claude Stas
30/05/99: Grace did a guest contribution to the new album from Kalif Seita. The album is called "Papa" and was released in Europe earlier this month. In the US it will be out in July. Grace can be heard on a track called: "Tolon Wilile (The Party is on)" Like all the other tracks on the album itīs got an african rythm and French lyrics - except Graceīs part. She appears quite at the end of the song and sings: "Can you hear the night - saying itīs allright. Children of the night - dance!" repeatetly. - Carsten Schnieders
22/05/99: The Grace Jones Homepage has 3 tickets to give away for the film MODE IN FRANCE, staring Grace. The film is showing at Cinematique Ontario, which is near Toronto in Canada on June the 3rd at 8:45pm. All you have to do is send a message on MONDAY to this address Steve Gravestock Associate Director of Communications.
22/05/99: Today on BBC Radio 2 [UK], at 7.00pm, a programme all about Island records and its founder Chris Blackwell is being aired. As the topic is relevant, it may include Grace!
22/05/99: On June the 3rd, the CINEMATHEQUE ONTARIO near Toronto Canada are screening "Mode In France" [Grace makes an apperance in this film], as part of a season of films dedicated to the director William Klein. This film is very rare so it's a golden oppertunity! Click here for more details.
19/05/99: Today is Grace Jones' birthday! Happy birthday Grace and thanks for all the great music, films and everything else you've done for all your fans! We all hope you'll keep up the good work for many years to come!
16/05/99: According to Lil Kim's official website, the new song REVOLUTION will be released on August 3rd 1999. Grace and Kim apparently met in the bahamas and decided to do a duet.
15/05/99: Click here to see the photo from the February edition of "Rolling Stone". The photo was in an article about Chris Blackwell and his contribution to Island Records.
08/05/99: The June edition of the UK music magazine "Q" has another small picture of Grace. Her name appears with others, in an article about "Island Records".
01/05/99: (!)NEW SONG(!) A brand new song titled "REVOLUTION", featuring Grace, will be released on 'Lil Kim's new album. The rap song is a collabaration between the two artists, a date has not yet been decided for release. More details coming soon! - Carsten Schnieders
01/05/99: To all UK people "Tower Records" in Picadilly - London, has lots of copies of the fashion magazine "Flaunt" imported from America, so it's expensive.
24/04/99: The new American fashion magazine, "Flaunt" [issue 3], has a six page spread featuring Grace modeling Philip Treacy hats. Pictures coming soon!
17/04/99: (!)CONCERT NEWS(!) Location: Dublin, Ireland. Grace played last Thursday [8th] to a special press audience and then three shows on Friday Saturday and Sunday to a great audience of only 350 / 400 per night. She also opened a new venue in dublin - "HQ". The concert opened with SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM, and Grace changed her costume after each song! The highlight of each was Pull up to the bumper, where she came down to dance with members of the audience. Pictures coming soon hopefully! - Jeremy Craine
17/04/99: James Bond number 19 is currently being filmed, along with the promise of lots of high-speed action is a cameo from every single Bond girl! With the exception of Grace of course! Tanya Roberts is taking the credit for "A View To A Kill", although I'm sure evrybody would have much prefered Grace!
10/04/99: Loads of little Grace pictures in a brand new book all about the life of Andy Warhol. "The Warhol Look" by Mark Francis and Margery King, published by Bulfinch AWM came out earlier this year.
03/04/99: In a not so new book, that I've just discovered, there's an enormous picture of Grace in a blond wig, I hardly recognized her. "The Art of Makeup" by Kevyn Aucoin, came out in 1994.
27/03/99: The February edition of Rolling Stone music magazine, has a picture of Grace in an article about Island Records. -
25/03/99: (!)ALBUM NEWS(!) Revealed in Graces most recent interview (that I've just got), Grace will not be releasing a new album as of yet, she did as was presumed complete some tracks with Tricky for his Durban Poison label, but the project was abandoned due to disagreements with the two artists. There have also been a many questions about "Cradle to the Grave", this apparantly was a bootleg ciculating the club scene which won't be released either. Although it does say that anything is possible with Grace regaurding an album, we can only hope!
20/03/99: On Thursday (UK), ER the hospital sitcom, was shown with the episode where in the background Grace is heard singing "Ring of Fire", the episode was called "Hazed and Confused" so watch out for it.
25/02/99: A photo of Grace was in THE SUN daily UK paper, in another article about hats, wearing the same one as she did on So Graham Norton. Picture hopefully coming soon!
20/02/99: A new paperback book out this month, featuring all of TIME OUT's interviews has one of Grace from 1980.
23/01/99: In an article about Studio 54, there is a picture of Grace, and she is briefly mentioned. It's in "The Guardian" a daily UK paper. Sorry for this late post but I just learned about it myself.
16/01/99: To all UK people interested, Sadle Records has 1 copy of the now deleted Bulletproof Heart on CD. Sadle Records, 6 Onslow Road, Layton, Blackpool. Tel: 01253 302463. If you get chance, tell them you heard about it here!
09/01/99: Grace appears on "Behind the Music: Studio 54", a documentary programme on VH1 (US), which is usually repeated. Check local TV listings for details. For people in the UK, we'll have to wait a bit longer untill it finally comes over here, and it will!
02/01/99: Small Grace Jones picture in Februarys issue of "Q", a UK music magazine, in an article about hats.
26/12/98: "A View To A Kill" to air on British Television, 7:45,ITV.
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