Six feet of style, sex and glamour! Grace Jones made an indelible impact on the world when she was first noticed as a catwalk model in the 1970's. Two decades later she's still the epitome of fashion chic and attitude.

Grace, with her family name of Mendoza, was born in Spanishtown, Jamaica, probably in 1952, although no-one knows her real date of birth! From an early age Grace realised she was different, her exotic looks out-shone the other childern in Syracuse, New York, when she moved with her family still a child. It wasn't long before the multi-lingual twenty-something was discovered as a fashion model, and she signed up for the Whilamina Modeling Agency in New York. At this time she even shared a bed-sit with another aspiring model, Jerry Hall. Grace's Amazonian looks, made her one of the most sought-after models in the fashion world, regularly jet-setting around the globe, especially Paris! Grace's wild life led her out partying at night, every night! So much so, that she was noticed by a record company and asked to make an album in 1977. She naturally agreed and as she was still a model, she called her first album "Portfolio". The album had medium success, Grace was particularly popular with her gay audience, and the hit from the album "I Need A Man" was an anthem for the 70's. The other hit, the classic "La Vie en Rose" is still remebered even today as one of the best covers of the song, as well as one of Grace's!

1978 and '79, saw the release of Grace's other disco albums, "Fame" and "Muse", although panned by the critics her first 3 albums are good disco and gave her room the artisticly grow and mature. She then had a reputation of a raunchy sage show, such as performing in a brides-gown with suspenders and 4 male stippers! But it was in 1980, when Grace released the album "Warm Leatherette" thats she truly began gatting noticed musically! She met the artist John-Paul Goude, and with him created a whole new androdgenous look and persona, this is the Grace that is remebered today! Moving away from the fading popularity of disco, Grace went R&B/soul and rock. Grace's look was so strong in the 80's that it won her several film roles too! "Conan The Destroyer" had her cast as Zula the worrior woman, "Vamp" had her in the lead role without uttering a word in the whole film and still stealing it. Still busy with music, Grace recorded her most famous album to date "Nightclubbing" in 1981. Here, Grace toys with reggae aswell as more rock, the song "Pull Up The Bumper" was a huge success, but with "Living My Life" in 1982, Grace goes back to her roots, with the single "My Jamican Guy".

With sell-out tours to her "One Man Show" endless tevevision apperances [including her famous Russel Harty Show stint, [where she beat the host!], Grace couldn't have been more famous. 1985 saw the release of "Slave To The Rhythm", one of Grace's biggest sucesses. However Grace's personal life was a mess, her realtionship with her mentor, John Paul Goude was over, leaving her with their son, Apollo. In 1986, she released "Inside Story" with minimal sucess. But this didn't stop Grace, she carried on in 1989 with "Bulletproof Heart", unfortunately this didn't do well either, by this time, Grace was addicted to Coccaine and ended up in debt and on trial in Kingston for possesion. In 1992 she declared bankruptcy! But Grace was back in 1993, with the dance/techno single "Sex Drive", this song would reach Number 1 on the USA Billboard Dance Chart! The early '90's saw Grace record a number of songs for soundtracks, which many believe are her best work! "Evilmania" from Freddy The Frog, "Let Joy and Innocence Prevail" from Toys, aswell as others, kept Grace in the spotlight as she worked on her new album and a few films such as "Boomerang", where she played "Strange" the tigress Supermodel!

1998 proved to be a good year for Grace, she went on a promotional tour of the UK, with a new image! She recorded a new song with dance artist Tricky, "Hurricane / Cradle To The Grave", which is a much sought-after Grace rarity as it was never realesed because Grace didn't approve the production! But Grace did record an excellent song, "Storm" for the Avengers soundtrack, again biding time for her new album! Recently, Grace has been modelling again, especially for Philip Treacy hats, which she is hardly ever seen without! For 2000, Grace cut "The Perfect Crime", a great up-tempo song for Danish TV. Also she reveals she is working on a script for a film set in Jamica. She has also signed deals with for a brand new album in late 2000 and is constantly touring, peforming her legandary concerts! Meanwhile, we all await the new album...