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"Seven" Magazine Article

This article was in the American magazine "Seven", it features an interview with Grace herself revealing details about her forth-coming new album. The magazine came out a few weeks ago.
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The scariest woman in the world? How exactly do you earn a reputation like that? For Grace Jones the answer is easy - you make it happen. And then laugh about it. First there were the Jean-Paul Goude photographs that transformed the striking Jones into a human sculpture and an icon of surrealistic art. Then she became a butt kicker alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Conan The Destroyer", played a man-eating Bond villian in the Roger Moore film "A View To A Kill" and dominated the screen in a little known vampire flick, "Vamp", without uttering a single word. And of course, there have always been those paparazzi pics, where she glares and glows on cue for the camera. Yet talking over the phone from the Bahamas, Miss Jones is amazingly friendly, exuberant and even a tad fey.

The statuesque Miss Jones began her life in the public eye on the catwalk as a Parisienne model but soon found an audience for her other extraordinary talents. After building an underground following as a clubsinger, Grace hit the recording studio to produce her debut album, "Portfolio". In the 80's she went on to record albums that are still relevant today as they were when they took the clubbing world by storm on their first release. "Nightclubbing", "Warm Leathrette", "Living My Life" all managed to create a unique blend of disco, reggae, funk, and pure unadulterated sexuality that had never been experienced before.

What Grace Jones is probaly best known for, however, is her 1985 album, "Slave To The Rhythm"--an album that revolved around one track in amish- mash of dance, biography, and the catwalk. Once again, Grace showed the world that she can create something utterly fresh and enduring: "Slave To The Rhythm" hasn't dated one bit.

More recently, Jones has kept busy in the modelling spotlight, doing club gigs and popped up every now and then with a new track. She made an appearance in the Eddie Murphy movie, "Boomerang", for which she also penned a song and in 1998, wrote "Storm", for the new film version of "The Avengers".

Where does she find the time to cram everything in, I ask?

She laughs,"I don't know! This is my first vacation in about a year. I just "go with the flow". I've been working on an album for about four years now. Doing that, and I've also been working on a script. My first script for a film. I can't tell you much, but it will be filmed in Jamaica. I'm originally Jamaicain, so I'm going to write about what I know."

Is it like "The Grace Jones Story" that your writing?

"No,no,no..." Jones laughs again. My character will be in the film, but I won't be playing that part. It won't be the main character, there's a bunch of people."

Jones is little more forthcoming about the album she's been working on for the past four years and whether or not it will contain the songs she's released sporadically, such as "Storm" and the track she performed on "Boomerang".

"Probably not the Boomerang track," she explains, "but Storm probably will. I've been working with Tricky on three tracks, so one of those will be there. I have a whole bunch more stuff that we have to re-record because I couldn't stand the production. The level wasn't what it should've been in my opinion, so we're going to re-record a lot of material that we've done before."

So what is Tricky like to work with?

"Oh, he's great!!" Jones enthuses, "Just great! Unpredictable! I dunno, I think we're very much alike in that sense. You just go in and pull things out of a hat. He takes risks, he just jumps in and does it. If it feels good, you continue."

She thinks for a moment when I ask if she considers herself a perfectionist.

"I like to get as close as possible, because sometimes you get too close to being a perfectionist, and you ruin everything. I like mistakes--when they are positive ones, they will take you in a direction that you never expected to go in."

Jones has a timeless appeal, especially among the world's gay community who literally idolise her. "I performed a lot, and still do, in gay clubs. I try and do them whenever I possibly can.Whenever they invite me, I'm always there. I think they are my best audiences really. They're really there for me. In the show, you can go as far as you want to go--there's nothing you can't be, as different as whatever! Maybe it's because they are different themselves. They're much more open to their feminine side, and I think we recognise that in each other."

Grace Jones was one of the main acts for the opening of Atlantis in the Bahamas, where she made a spectacular entrance. "I flew in from the fathoms of the sea! I flew in from a very high tower, and I sang "Slave To The Rhthym" in two parts as The Goddess of Atlantis. I had a special costume made with big wings that opened up like a bird in purple, green and gold. And then I had a scaly kind of outfit on. I looked like some kind of amphibian. Then I had a headpiece that was very Nefertiti-ish, that glowed from the inside. It was all made out of this parachute type material, so it was all quite light."

Who were some of the guests at the opening?

"Well Michael Jackson performed, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Natalie Cole, Denzel Washington, the Olympic Swimming Ballet team, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sidney Poitier, Stephanie Mills, my Mom and Dad! It was quite a party!"

Obviously, you must have seen "The Avengers", why do you think it got such a bad rap?

"I liked it! I thought it was cute! I know why it got the press it did. Because they didn't show it to anyone before it came out. The press felt snobbed, so they went, "I'll get you back." They didn't show it to anybody, and it backfired on them, because then the press turn around to show their power. Personally, I liked it very much. I think it will end up a cult classic. Once people start watching it, they'll start going:"Oh my God! It's not that bad! It's quite entertaining!" But they really pissed off the press and the press ultimately say, "We are God here on Earth! Fuck You!" What they should have done, is even if they just had a small screening just for the press. But they didn't show it to anyone...ZERO!! Even I got suspicious, "What are they trying to hide?"

Although Grace spent Christmas in New York with her family it was not before she managed to get in a good deal of jet-skiing and para-gliding at Atlantis. "They've got this incredible slide here," Jones tells me with some excitement. "It's like a free-fall. It's called "Leap of Faith" It's sooooo scary...and I did it!! I thought I have to do it quick, before I change my mind. So I closed my eyes and did it! But I've got to do it again."

Grace's new album will feature contributions from Tricky, Puff Daddy, Roni Size, and Stevie Wonder. While we're waiting for a release date to be announced, take a listen to the "Compass Sessions" on Island Records.

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